Monday, June 26, 2017

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WARNING: The Five Yellow Misfortune Star (known also as the Wu Wang) has flown to the
SOUTH of the 2017 annual Feng Shui chart. It is very lethal and must be attended to, affecting females in particular and those born of the horse sign. Remove earth (crystals) and fire energy immediately from this sector. Keep quiet and do not energize in any way.

Although the year is more stable with all 5 elements present in the Paht Chee chart, there is a predominance of water (3 Yang Water) that cannot be ignored. Expect your patience to be tried this year as you deal with false friends, unfair gossip and underhanded business methods.

The GOOD news that the VICTORY STAR #1 takes center stage in the annual Feng Shui 2017 chart promising new growth and opportunity for all... and with the Chinese New Year falling on January 28th we also enjoy the Lap Chun or springtime growth energy.