Tuesday, January 26, 2016

fine-tune your Feng Shui

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So the Year of the Fire Monkey is not for the weak and timid… and good feng shui does not
just “happen”. In this “Black Year” the #2 illness star dominates the center of the chart and we are missing water. We must all update for the annual energy changes this year to avoid nasty surprises, illness, lawsuits, robbery, and violence and to protect the patriarch of the family!
The Monkey Year 2016 feels the impact of strong fire energy burning into the life force of the year Although the main deficiency this year is the absolute lack of water, it is only thanks to the Dragon bringing some hidden Yin Water that we get some relief. This absence of water causes the Paht Chee chart of the year to be unbalanced with plenty of strong fire energy. There will be lots of competition… in fact things could become quite brutal. You will find it harder to get things done and you’ll need to exert yourself more. Everyone should counter these problems with the presence of water in your home… especially in the Southwest, home of the matriarch and indirect spirit of the period of 8. And be sure to remove all the red from the center of your home so as not to energize the illness star. 
In these series of videos, I’ll first explain the paht chee chart for the year, then we’ll take a look at the annual feng shui chart, next the astrological influences of the year (what’s in store for your animal sign) and finally to fine tune we’ll check the 24 mountains chart of the year. If all that sounds overwhelming… please don’t worry. In these sessions I go step by step with full screenshots of each power point to explain what you must do.
By the end of this day with me you’ll know exactly what to do to suppress the problem areas and enhance the lucky white numbers of 1, 6, 8, 4 and 9! You’ll also learn how to appease the TAI SUI and take care of the Three Killings (in the South this year). I’ll go into the luck of each animal sign in detail and share my recommendations on what you must do to enhance your luck and protect yourself from inauspicious energies.