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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sensual Magic

Sensual Magic will bring you back into the joy of love-making by bringing you back into your
feminine energy. The program shows you how to step away from project-managing your body and your sex life and reconnect with your soft, receptive feminine.
You will feel the shift, and so will your partner. 
As you embody more of your sensual femininity, you will naturally bring the joy back into your heart and into love-making a baby. 
Whether you conceive naturally or through assisted reproductive technology, you'll be making that baby from a place of love, not tension, stress, and anxiety
And you will once again experience the joy of sexual union with your partner--and the pleasures of your own female body--for their own sakes.

With Sensual Magic we'll make that happen by focusing first on your relationship to your female body, your four goddess energies, and some truly magical information about your menstrual cycle.

As you work in harmony with your hormones and harness your goddess energies, your relationship will improve exponentially.

You will know exactly how to build intimacy (rather than being needy and demanding), how to authentically communicate your feelings in a way that your partner can hear, and how to attract and feel attracted to your partner throughout your cycle. 

Most importantly, 
you will learn to stand in your feminine power--and that is going to naturally entice your partner into his masculine power. 

Sensual Magic is all about taking you deep into your feminine essence--and trust me,there is nothing more naturally enticing to the masculine than a woman who fully embodies the beauty and power of her sensual feminine energy
You will be deeply in touch with your body and its rhythms, and you'll feel passionate and attractive instead of needy and vulnerable.
As you access sensual spaciousness and receptivity through the principles and tools of feminine power, you will become very attractive to a partner.