Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Sell Your Young Adult Novel

Want to write a commercial young adult (YA) novel to get the attention it deserves?
Hoping to sign with an agent to sell your YA novel? Hoping to get contracted for your next YA project?
No matter what stage you are in publishing, literary agent, Katie Shea Boutillier is here to help you get your YA novel in shape for a sale. Editors want books that speak to them. Publishers are looking for teen projects with voices that that jump off the page, characters that readers can immediately connect with, and storylines that grab your attention from page one and all the way to the end of the book. Dip into Katie's knowledge in how to create that teen voice that feels unique and fresh to the page.
Katie will help you get closer to your main character and to not be afraid to express the MC's opinions on the page. She will also focus on the development of the supporting cast of characters - how to make characters likable, others mysterious, some funny, and others interesting. Katie will teach you how to put tension on page 1 while weaving in the backstory, yet keeping the hook as the force of the pages turning. Katie will also help you understand how to set the tone - how to appropriate express your teen voice to reflect the main storyline. Depending on the premise, the tone the author expresses through the characters of the novel makes such a huge difference. Everything needs to be in sync.