Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting Started in Writing

Each session of the Getting Started in Writing course is two weeks long and the class lasts
12 weeks. Assignments include writing descriptive paragraphs, writing character sketches, writing dialogue, writing an article or essay, writing the opening pages of a short story, developing a book idea, and writing an original work of fiction or nonfiction. Your instructor, Gloria Kempton, will provide feedback to each assignment. 

"I like teaching the Getting Started in Writing course because the students get to try so many different kinds of writing, therefore discovering much about their authentic writing selves in the process."                                      ~ Gloria Kempton
One student said, "I enjoyed this challenging course. Gloria was very knowledgeable and reachable for me. Would recommend her highly." Another student said, "This course allows a novice to experience different types of writing while building their basic skills. The instructor feedback is essential for the new writer to understand the concepts and use them effectively."