Thursday, January 19, 2017

How To Create The Transformational Destination Retreat of Your Dreams

1 - Why You MUST Be Offering Retreats in Your Business Now! 
(Don't be left in the dust in this growing trend!)
2 - Why You DON'T Want Your Retreat To Be A Workshop In A Pretty Place 
(This is a critical mistake so many folks make.
3 - How To Price Your Retreat To Meet Or EXCEED Your Projected Income  
(Never lose money or under price your event again!)

4 - 3 Secrets To Creating A Fabulous Retreat  
(You DO NOT want a "boiled chicken" retreat!)  

5 - The NUMBER ONE Secret to Filling A Retreat  
(If you use this strategy you’ll NEVER have to cancel an event again.)  

6 - How to Make Continued Income After Your Retreat is Over  
(You can net ADDITIONAL income using this secret!)  

7 - 3 Legal Tips You Can't Do Without To Make Sure You're Properly Protected  
(You DO NOT want to leave the country without knowing these 3 tips!)

......and so much more!