Saturday, February 11, 2017

Making choices to help defend animals in industrial agriculture.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Growing up in California and watching old oak trees being cut down and animals being hurt by human activity and being deeply affected
  • Going vegan in 1985
  • The focus of Farm Sanctuary
  • Why going vegan is important and what kind of effect this can help
  • How he has been able to participate in triathlons without eating any meat
  • The effects he has seen since changing to a plant based diet
  • Why the gut is so important in the healthy diet
  • More about the conditions for farm animals on industrial farms
  • Why vegans choose to not eat cheese or milk
  • How the philosophy of most vegans is basically about treating all animals with compassion
  • Why he uses the Salem Witch Trials as an example of the killing of an animal
  • More about his new book, which include tips, advice, recipes, and examples
  • Some of the exciting aspects of a vegan diet
  • How we can save money by switching to a plant based diet, and improve our health
  • How to make changes in stages to help move towards a healthy plant based diet
  • Being recognized by Oprah Winfrey
  • Why a book left by some stranger at a vacation rental helped him connect with Jon and Tracy Stewart
  • How that had such an effect on him getting his message out
  • What the new Farm Sanctuary facility is going to be like
  • How people can visit the locations and take part in the programs
  • What the first animal was that they rescued and how they found her
  • Some of the obstacles that they have experienced