Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The SoulFUEL™ Adventure Mastermind

Wendy Collier Worldwide, LLC
  • You are confused about your purpose or what you would do instead of your current line of work and how you would translate that into a business that makes you money.
  • You are in a line of work that doesn’t LIGHT you up every day, giving you all the freedom and flexibility your heart desires, fire up your passions and FEED your soul.That could mean you are in a corporate job that is draining your life force or a business that is doing the same. Either way, you feel ‘off’, misaligned, not fully yourself nor lit up like a fire fly – which is how you should feel every day of your precious life.
  • You feel afraid AND excited. That is the holy grail of signs pointing you in the right direction. It means deep within, you are ready for a change. That kind of intuitive nudge is telling you this is very likely your next step, even when you feel about as ready as a five year old does going to school on their first day.