Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Mountain West Seed Summit

Topics discussed in this chat:

  • The Mountain West Seed Summit – hosted by Rocky Mountain Seeds.  “Honoring Origins and Seeding the Future.”
    A search to find seeds from all over the Rocky Mountain West.  March 3rd and 4th in Santa Fe New Mexico.  
  • Taking our seeds back – how the large seed companies in America are not based in America. And what that means for the regional seed companies.
  • International Seed Library Committee – a working title for a new grassroots movement to establish seed libraries and seed exchange programs.
  • Seed library examples – what a seed library is and how these cooperatives work
  • Genetic Resources Information Network – how this national resource is being used to help grow out old grain seeds
  • A grain success story – Sonoran White Wheat – the wheat that was used to create the catholic wafers by the missionaries who came to the southwest.
  • The new zucchini – Carol  Deppe has grown a gold zucchini she calls the “goldini”  – 
  • Denver Seed School – training to help gardeners learn how to grow and collect seeds – April 2nd – 7th 
  • Seed School Teacher Training – helping teach the next generation of seed educators – in October 
  • Seed School Online – launches March 1st