Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sourcing herbs and plants for health from the local ecosystem

Listen in and learn about:
  • Growing up in rural Idaho with eco-conscious parents
  • Her mom’s community garden
  • The community of gardeners she has grown up with and learned from
  • Feeling depressed when she left college and then studying herbalism
  • Finding Dynamic roots and starting there with an internship and becoming a partner
  • Her definition of permaculture
  • Herbal Medicine – a trending industry and the implications for wild medicinal plants
  • How she uses wildcrafting to collect from nature
  • How ethical harvesting is important
  • Herbal medicine and the basic of herbs for health
  • Why it is considered risky to purchase herbs on the open market
  • Community supported herbalism – CSH
  • The greenhouse and how that is expanding their production even at high altitudes
  • What to do as a consumer to support best practices for the earth
  • Best herbs to grow for the new herb gardener
  • How to start growing elderberries
  • Her definition of bio-dynamic
  • Harvesting with the full moon and why that makes a difference