Friday, April 28, 2017

ready to be a QSCA certified coach

1. You’ll interact personally with your instructors, who are Certified Master Coaches.

Our classes aren’t pre-recorded lectures. They’re live classes, where you get interact with your instructors. They always check in both during and after the class to see if there are any questions. 
2. You get a personal mentor.
Our 12 paid, on-staff mentors will answer your general questions, offer assistance, and ensure that you get the support you need.
You’ll also get 2 free coaching sessions from your mentor … so you can experience coaching for yourself.
3. You’ll have a personal support team (pod).
Pods are groups of 3-4 QSCA students. You and your fellow pod members will celebrate successes and wins, discuss clients and scenarios that came up during practice coaching sessions, and practice walking through scenarios with each other.
This built-in support is something many coach training programs don’t offer. And you’ll likely find that your pod members turn into lifelong friends.
4. Practice, practice and more practice!
To be a great coach, you need the confidence of knowing that you can coach anyone. You’ll get plenty of practice in the QSCA.
I have an email list of over 200,000 subscribers to whom we offer the opportunity for free coaching from our students. That’s real-life practice to build your skills and confidence.
5. You’ll be a paid coach before the end of the program – if you want.
I’ve designed this program so that you’ll be ready to start charging for your coaching services after 90 days.