Thursday, April 13, 2017

specific formula you could follow every day

Whatever negative thoughts you’re having in regards to aging, I can promise you that I have
had them or something similar.  Let’s just review a few to see if anything sounds familiar;
⦁    People are calling me Maam
⦁    I don’t get carded anymore, the cashier barely even glances at me
⦁    I look at forty year olds and wish how I could be forty again (STOP THAT, don’t miss out on the fifties, you’ll regret it in your sixties)
⦁    My skin is dull and starting to sag
⦁    I scare the &*^% out of myself when I accidentally look down into my phone camera
⦁    I almost feel invisible walking down the street.  No one looks at me like they used to.
⦁    I’m going to end up looking like my mother.
⦁    I’m doomed by my genetics.