Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Directly Actionable Tools that will Move you Towards a Healthier Body

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In this Masterclass you will discover…

  • WildFit, the evolution of health and fitness, probably the #1 greatest health and fitness idea in 150 years of American dieting history and 5 simple hacks to start benefiting from this in the next 30 days. (These FREE hacks alone, if applied, will trigger a series of weight corrections in your body and help you enjoy more energy without adjusting your calorie intake.)
  • How Vishen Lakhiani used WildFit to become healthier than his 27-year-old self in just 4 weeks flat(This story will probably make you shed a tear each for all the countless diets you’ve tried unsuccessfully.)
  • The truth about why the American medical industry failed to save you and what you can do right now to fix it all and end your cycle of bad health, lack of energy and imperfect skin(You’ll finally understand why you’ve been having these issues all your life.)
  • The Six Human Hungers — the simple science behind why we eat what we eat, and why we crave what we crave. (If you stay tuned till this part of the masterclass, most of your unhealthy eating habits will vanish for the rest of your life.)
  • Why the way we use the word “diet” is actually worsening our food cravings and causing us to stay unhealthy… and other shocking revelations about the various diet programs in America today including NIH’s RDA(Clues: Have you ever heard any of those diets recommend you eat MORE nutritional food? And do you know how many lbs of weight people actually GAIN every time they try a new diet program?)
  • Vital clues for the ultimate Human Diet — what Eric discovered as a result of years of research on nutritional anthropology, evolutionary biology and the original hunter-gatherer society of the Hadza bushmen in Tanzania. (In this eye-opening segment, you’ll see why mankind originally was a really healthy, strong and vibrant species.)
  • The huge biological factor that works against most people’s willpower, causing them to eat unhealthily even though they clearly know they shouldn’t. (This is the same factor that food marketers exploit to sell billions of dollars worth of processed food that people actually don’t want to eat.)