Monday, September 5, 2016

Dangerous Ideas Around Our Health, Medicine & Food

Some of what Eric shares may defy popular opinion. (His thoughts on universal health care
took some of us by surprise).
But what you'll discover from this training is just how far we, as humans have strayed from our evolutionary roots...
... And how the American medical industry has been instrumental in distracting us from what really keeps us healthy.
Here are some of the core ideas of extraordinary training:
  • Why the way we use the word “diet” is completely wrong. Shift this, and you'll realize why so many people get trapped in a cycle of unhealthy habits.
  • Why our "How To Survive App" in our brains — passed on from many generations — forces us to have very specific food cravings which are not necessarily beneficial to us as modern humans anymore.
  • Why stress has become the biggest killer in today's society, and why understanding our evolutionary biology is the ONE key to protecting ourselves from the dangers of stress.