Friday, September 2, 2016

How to Sell Your Young Adult Novel

How to Sell Your Young Adult Novel
Lastly, Katie will touch on how all teen novels should have a reference to what is happening
in the characters' world. If the story is set in modern times of today, make sure the storyline relates to issues important to teens. If it's a historical YA novel, make sure to touch on issues of that time period and if fantasy - create ones that seem relevant to that world. Create universal topics that all teens, depending on the setting, will be able to connect to.

  • How to create a teen voice that is unique yet jumps off the page
  • Character development of the supporting cast of characters - how to make them likable, interesting, mysterious, etc.
  • How to create tension on page one and be able to weave in backstory with the main hook
  • How to balance the tone of the story with the premise
  • How to incorporate important universal issues that will relate to teens no matter what backdrop, setting or world

Katie Shea Boutillier has been with the Donald Maass Literary Agency since October 2011. She is the Rights Director handling the agency’s translation and audio rights, and selected film/TV and electronic rights. In addition, Katie specializes in commercial women’s fiction, contemporary YA and narrative non-fiction. She looks for projects with the perfect balance of plot and emotion. She loves novels with big voices, imperfect characters and storylines that relate to modern issues. She is a cum laude graduate of Marist College.