Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kari’s Activating Abundance teleclass

Last chance to listen to the replay >>
Here are a few of the highlights you can look forward to:

  • 3:12 - What numerology has to do with your subconscious patterns.
  • 9:47 - The #1 reason you’ve been repelling abundance you’re entire life.
  • 16:08 - The curious story of an 11-year boy named James and his peculiar past.
  • 20:20 - How to effortlessly reset your karmic “wealth imprint” to one of worth, ease, and attraction.
  • 29:05 - Kari’s coveted energy clearing ritual for activating soul-level abundance. 
  • 43:31 - How to quickly and permanently clear your deepest blocks around money.
  • 55:55 - A final energy clearing for worthiness and prosperity.