Wednesday, September 7, 2016

the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program for the Fall 2016 session

You'll definitely appreciate this session if you've been comparing it to other programs, or if
you're planning on adding to what you already know and want to ensure there isn't any overlap.

This info session will cover:

  • Why I created this program, and my intentions for everyone who takes it.
  • How this program is specifically different and unique to anything else out there- whether it be an online or in person program.
  • The reason we have a staggering 97% success rate with our students.
  • EXACTLY how the program works, and what your average week in the program looks like.
  • All of the various components including the written and cooking assignments.
  • Why no one has ever regretted their decision to learn with us - whether they applied the information in their own life in a personal way, or used it for business.
  • Some of the amazing things our graduates are now doing.
  • Answer some of the most frequently asked questions.