Thursday, September 1, 2016

Featuring Over 60 of the Top Plant-Based Nutrition, Lifestyle & Healthcare Experts in the World

The first-ever PlantPure Summit (Sept 7-16) is less than a week away and will start at 10am
EDT on Wednesday, Sept 7th
, with a new speaker every 2 hours (10am12pm2pm4pm6pm, and 8pm).  If you have registered at www.plantpuresummit.com, you will receive an email every day of the summit with direct links to each presentation, and each presentation will be available for 24 hours.  This is completely free, and you will NOT need to log in to any website to view the presentations.   Complete recordings will also be available for purchase as part of our PlantPure Summit Packs if you want to be able to download the videos, MP3s and PDFs after the summit.  Oh, and I almost forgot - we are adding closed captioning as well based on feedback from our members.   

We purposely chose a diverse selection of experts (over 60 speakers in total - the largest online video summit ever), including very popular authors and speakers you know, such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Hans Diehl, as well as some lesser known experts, who are doing amazing things "in the field" to bring the plant-based lifestyle into the mainstream and healthcare. This includes plant-based nutrition, animal advocacy and environmental protection efforts that have all converged together to create an unstoppable plant-based movement that is truly saving lives and creating a bettertomorrow for generations to come.