Thursday, September 1, 2016

Any time you are struggling or stuck, there’s an opportunity to let go

You know by now that your problems (and the problems of the world) aren’t random . . .
that they’re present because a larger purpose is trying to unfold through you.
And that by raising your level of consciousness and expanding our awareness – in the midst of personal trials and global challenges – you can effectively alleviate not just your own suffering but also the suffering of those around you.
But the truth is, sometimes it can seem easier to just stay stuck in your emotions around a particular struggle than to look for the opportunity to grow from it.
You may be stuck in anger or a sense of injustice. Or, you might feel victimized or scared. Or, perhaps you’ve been unable to move past feeling that you really didn’t deserve what happened.
Staying stuck in the face of difficult personal challenges and life’s tragedies is understandable because in the midst of our struggles, it’s easier than ever for us to believe what our ego-minds tell us – that we’re all alone in a hostile world and that we have to hold on with clenched fists to survive.
The trouble is, one of the most important first steps to finding peace, power, and presence in the face of any struggle is to do just the opposite of holding on.
The key to transcending any difficulty actually lies in letting go.
But letting go doesn’t mean settling for what you don’t want in life. Letting go is an emotional and physical process to help you rise above a difficult situation and create a newer better reality for yourself.
By letting go, you are opening a pathway of acceptance of “what is” instead of staying stuck in “what should be.”
Think of it as becoming open to more possibilities and letting your brain gain more information. At a higher level, you are also calling upon the brain to deliver better responses that suit the situation. So, you become more awake and empowered to solve problems and to transcend difficulties like never before.
As world-renowned expert and pioneer in mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, puts it, “Any time you are struggling or stuck, there’s an opportunity to let go.”
That’s why today we’re sharing one of Deepak’s best tips for letting go – right here in this e-mail.
Try this 2-minute exercise for getting UNstuck today:
  1. Identify where you’ve been stuck or struggling: Think about a struggle you’re dealing with or one you’ve faced recently and decide to let go of your emotions around it.
  2. Listen to your story around it: Keep your attention on this problem, and when a moment arises when your inner voice says, “It’s not fair,” or “Why did this have to happen?” Or “It shouldn’t be this way!” merely pause and be self-aware. Notice that you are clinging, holding on, demanding that the situation change.
  3. Feel into that emotion: Almost always holding on feels tight, constricted, angry, and stressful. If you feel any of this, walk away and relax. Do deep breathing or meditation. Center yourself before you react. That’s when your next best step will come to you, almost effortlessly.
In time, as letting go becomes natural, you will surrender to spirit and awaken to who you really are. Then letting go delivers its highest reward. You free yourself from all resistance, old hurts, and inner obstacles.