Friday, September 9, 2016

More Sales. More Success.

The thing is, every session and each world-class sales professional will be laser-focused on
showing you how to save your time and make more money. A couple hours spent learning how you can improve your sales process now will pay off in the long run when you see the $$$ rolling in.

Here are the 5 key takeaways you'll miss if you don't tune in:
  • How to increase client engagement and accelerate your sales. 
  • How Tory Tucker freed up 70% of his reps' time, cut their sales cycle in half, and saw their highest revenue month in 5 years.
  • A live Q & A with our own Amanda Holmes revealing the Time Management Secrets of Billionaires.
  • How to Build a High Volume Pipeline and Still Be a Personal & Consultative Salesperson, presented by CEO of Datafox.
  • 7 sales cadence templates to double your contact rates in just 20 days.
  • Dave Mattson will breakdown the new buyer psychology and provide tactics to quickly adapt and stay ahead of the curve.