Sunday, March 26, 2017

Get a Literary Agent

Get a Literary Agent
If you want to get a literary agent, you have to hook them quickly with your submission
materials. And the two most important items during your initial agent inquiry are the all-important query letter and first pages of your story. This Writer's Digest Boot Camp will teach how to do create an amazing agent submission.

Writing a strong query letter requires a great hook and clear premise. The first sentence should immediately catch the reader's attention, while the ending should leave the reader wanting to dive into the pages of the manuscript. Your first pages should work similarly-you want the person reading to find it absolutely unputdownable. But this takes practice, patience, and an eye for detail. Which is why we're here: to discuss what to do and not to do and to make your query and first pages as stand-out as possible.

Suzie Townsend, Jaida Temperly, and JL Stermer are currently building their lists at New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc. and understand what information will help prospective authors weigh all of their options before choosing an agent.