Thursday, March 16, 2017

Transcending Emotions

Transcending Emotions
At the 3-day, Transcending Emotions event, under the guidance of these
remarkable healers you will:
  • Become grounded in the truth that you are not your emotions – you have the ability to decide if they lead you or if you lead them.
  • Identify and release old thought-patterns and buried pain – and start to open to your full potential for happiness and calm, centered wellbeing.
  • Begin to offer yourself compassion for whatever emotion arises in your experience – instead of heaping judgment on yourself for what you are feeling.
  • Challenge the thoughts and conditioning behind your reactive emotions – and begin to see clearly whether they are based in truth or only the perception of truth.
  • Learn to tap into your own innate ability to rebalance your energy – so you can begin to find equanimity whenever stressful situations occur or negative emotions threaten to overwhelm you.
  • Practice being the witness, not the puppet, of your emotions – so you become free to respond at the highest level in any situation and no matter how anyone else behaves.
  • Discover simple, yet powerful tools to help you rise above your emotions in any given moment – so you return home more present, centered, and self-aware.