Thursday, March 30, 2017

Parenting Commentary with Ra Uru Hu

For most human beings, the most fundamental things they're going to learn in this life are
from their mother. The first true human bond is that bond with the mother.
You can't change the world, but you can change the way the world is educated. And you can do that through mothers.
It's been one of the things that's really been so impressive for me over the years, the impact that the knowledge has had, not simply on the lives of the adults that I'm dealing with, but the way that is translated into their relationship with their families and their children.
It's an extraordinary thing to understand the nature of your child's design, I know this myself. It allows you to be free of all of the uncertainties and concerns that arise out of what it is to be a parent, and the responsibility for another human being.
Understanding the nature of your child also means you can offer them the privilege of an environment in which they can grow up as themselves. This is quite rare, and it is really what the knowledge is for.
This knowledge is for children. Unfortunately you can't just get it directly to the children. You have to get it to the adults and it is only through the adults that you can really impact them. But it's for them, so they can be raised correctly, that they can really live the full potential of what it is to be a nine-centred being.
In understanding your children you get to see what in essence is the way for them, how to deal with them, how to enrich their process, how to make them feel better about the nature of who they are, and ultimately something that is very special, it is about respect.
This is probably the most profound aspect of what it is to be a parent aware of your child's design. The opportunity to respect their nature, not to try to condition them to be something they are not, but to be there to accept them for what they are, precisely what they are, without that being a good or a bad thing. Because in fact, it is simply a uniqueness. Embrace that uniqueness in your child.