Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Access Master Teachers and Teachings for Moving Beyond Addiction and Thriving in Life

Watch as many of the presentations as you can with friends and family during the
conference from September 14-18.  
Next, when you register for the free conference, I am also going to invite you to experience the first week of my online coaching program for free.  This course is 8 weeks and it costs $997.  I’m giving you access to the first week free because I believe that if you experience it for yourself you will want to see it all the way through.  
And this is the most powerful program I have to offer you.
I designed the Recovery 2.0 Coaching Program to share the most important pieces of wisdom, practices and tools I have gathered in my 25 years of recovery.  If you do the course with intention and enthusiasm I believe it will accelerate your personal development, greatly increase your sense of well-being and set you up for success in your life.