Saturday, July 16, 2016

22 Days for Your Brain...

It's a 22-Day program, featuring Neuro-Enhancement techniques from 11 top experts in the
fields of neuroscience, brain entrainment, meditation, neuro-coaching, neuro-emotional connections, and accessing our genius. 
Some of the information in this program will surprise...or even shock you. 

But the practical techniques given in this program will help you feel more balanced, improve your focus, increase passion, relieve stress, tap into your inner brilliance, and align thoughts and feelings.

A few of the techniques in this program...
  1. A process for dealing with worry.
  2. 5 Rules to Reduce Stress, Stimulate Cooperation, and Increase Work Productivity.
  3. A powerful visualization daydreaming exercise.
  4. Exercises to help yourself feel relaxed and joyous.
  5. A step-by-step process for facing your fears.

...plus several bonuses like ebooks, brain games, and much more!