Thursday, July 21, 2016

the “best-kept” secret

Are you ready to STOP being the best-kept secret in your field and START making money
sharing your expertise … without feeling pushy or salesy?
Get people to sign up for the webinar or call (yes if you don’t have people listening or watching, it will be a wee bit difficult to get them to buy, no matter HOW good your preview call or webinar is!)
2. Sell AFTER the call or webinar. (Hey, as good as I am at making my irresistible offer on an online training, I know some of my BIGGEST numbers happen in the follow up AFTER the call or webinar.) Now you may be on my subscriber list, and have been listening to my free preview calls and webinars, and have been trying in vain to duplicate my success by cobbling together my emails and sales letters and what-not.