Sunday, July 10, 2016

4 Common Success Strategies That Actually Make You LESS Successful

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The problem? It’s hard to separate truth from fiction until you’ve lived it. But instead of
spending years experimenting with everything you’re told, you could always review this list and just remember to avoid…
One of life’s most common fantasies is gathering the courage to stroll into your boss’s office, hand in your resignation letter, and spend the rest of your life doing what you really love. Why isn’t everyone doing this already???
The Problem: Firstly, not everyone has a passion that can harmonize with their financial and lifestyle goals. Sure, you might be seriously into pet dust bunnies - but can you earn a decent living from them?
Secondly, will you be as fiercely passionate about the same thing in the months and years to come, when you find yourself being forced to do it, even on days when you’d rather be doing something else?
The Solution: Spend more time cultivating your passion instead of just following it.
Then, set clear expectations for what you want in all areas of your life - and do a reality check on whether your passion can realistically give you these things.
Always dip your feet in the water before jumping in, and remember: in some cases, it’s better to keep your passion as an evening or weekend activity, instead of making it a full-time career.