Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yoga and Creative Writing

John and Katchie each believe that there is no right way to write or to do yoga, no “one size
that fits all.” Instead, every student has to find his or her own individual form and style of expression. Out of this shared understanding, they offer a combined workshop, which will alternate sessions of Anusara yoga with creative writing exercises and opportunities. Participants will get immediate and personal feedback and suggestions from John about their writing, and deepen their yoga with Katchie, using the five principles of Anusara yoga. The goal is to find one’s unique and authentic voice and dharma, on the mat, on paper, and beyond.
This workshop is open to everyone, including those who have practiced yoga for years and those who have never done it before, those who are interested in writing as a career, and those for whom writing is simply a personal art form or means of self-discovery. Wherever you are on the spectrum of experience, you will find support, inspiration, and practical tools to gain greater authorship over your life, and to more fully and passionately inhabit your body, mind, and spirit. Please bring a yoga mat.