Thursday, July 28, 2016

Learn a tool that helps turn a stuck problem into a powerless memory.

A woman has such a strong phobia of flying that she can barely even drive to the airport to
pick up a friend. Her body is wracked with nausea when she thinks about taking a plane trip.  Nothing has worked to help her. With the guidance of a coach she “taps” on her phobia and now she can fly on an airplane without fear and anxiety.
A man has migraine headaches on a regular basis and nothing ever seems to help them. With the guidance of a practitioner, he “taps” on the headaches and they appear less frequently and with much less intensity than before. He “taps” some more on his own, and the painful migraine headaches eventually disappear, never to return.
A woman constantly feels guilty about not making weekly visits to her parents’ house, (“You never come to see us anymore”) even though visiting requires hauling her four children over there and disrupting her family’s weekend schedule. She “taps” on her guilt and then decides that her parents can make the effort to drive the 10 minutes over to her house once in a while.  Her guilt is gone.