Monday, March 28, 2016

Asara Lovejoy - Special Call

Asara's background includes a history of study and practice in the human potential
movement. Asara has received intensive training in quantum field theory, NLP, hypnotherapy, and energy healing.  Asara has studied beta, alpha, theta and
delta brain wave frequencies and their effects on human health and consciousness.

Asara's message steps into the gap between desire for a better life and the ability to get there. Her passion is helping people create the reality they truly desire.

Today you will discover:
-Your command center for positive action
-The right response to your success signals
-Tools leading to the elimination of worry and fear
-Your right to be connected to a greater intelligence
-Eliminate the swing of DIS-empowered to start living
 EMPOWERED on purpose!
-Facing the challenge and winning!