Sunday, March 20, 2016

Never make this mistake with “Positive Thinking”

How many times have you heard the importance of “mindset” in our industry?

Probably several times since “positive thinking” is one of the pillars of coaching.
Let’s look a little closer at what positive thinking is.
Instead of thinking ‘I’m a failure’, we’re told to think, ‘I’m a winner’. Instead of thinking ‘I look terrible’, we should think ‘I’m beautiful’. And it makes sense!
What we believe determines how we feel and what actions we take. If we believe that we can grow a successful coaching business, look fit, or find true love it’s much more likely to happen than if we believe that we can’t do it. But…
The problem with positive thinking is that even if we think positive thoughts, it’s not
going to do the trick unless the negative thoughts are addressed because they’re still in there undermining your success.
You see, positive thinking is right that you’re more likely to succeed with positive thoughts, but if deep down a part of you believes in the negative thoughts, and you just keep trying to flood your mind with the positive without ever addressing the negative, you’re self-sabotaging.
What to do instead…
Instead of trying to deny your negative thoughts, try embracing them for a while. Really sit and stew in that negativity for a while. Be with it. See what it’s really all about. Ask yourself, ‘where did this old thought pattern come from?’ and what am I really afraid of?’
In life everything we fear is really a fear of a feeling… EVERYTHING.