Friday, March 11, 2016

the Path to Profit Summit in Los Angeles

Let’s be honest, the joy of being a creative entrepreneur fades fast when you’re trying to
generate necessary cash flow and you’re short on time, either because you’re new and you need to get money rolling in to grow your business…or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur and you need to do something fast, to free up your time and give yourself breathing room so you can focus on taking your business to the next level without sacrificing your lifestyle, your family, or yourself.
Here’s what one attendee had to say about this informative and transformational event:
The Path to Profit was a unique, peak 3-day event EXPERIENCE. My inner child got super duper excited the minute I looked into the bright yellow swag bag with turquoise tissue paper. In it were treasures! A box of 24 crayons! A beautiful doodle journal and a gorgeous workbook/coloring book! And when I saw the huge bucket of color markers in the center of the table my heart leapt with excitement! Finally, a business training that my inner child was invited to participate in. As a result, I left the training full but not overwhelmed, and inspired to jump into action, rather than overly stimulated and exhausted. So much care and thought was put into the event to help us get the most out of the abundance of information-- i.e. we were able to integrate the powerful teachings with visualizations, art, collage, dance, abundant Q&A and partner sharing. Minette was super-generous and gave a TON of incredibly usefu l information and a unique temperament typing system to understand ourselves and our clients to be the most effective in our sales conversations. Super-fun and friendly approach to business. When my inner child is happy, my business is happy!! Thank you soooooo much Minette, for sharing your brilliance with us! -Michelle White Hart