Sunday, March 20, 2016

Invisible Acts of Power

Invisible Acts of Power
On Invisible Acts of Power, this four-time New York Times bestselling author employs her experience as
a renowned medical intuitive to answer these questions, explaining why being of service to another person is not an option—it is a biological necessity. Invisible Acts of Powerinvites you to learn more about:
  • The seven gifts of generosity and your chakras—how giving to others balances your vital energy system and sustains optimum health
  • Chance meetings: coincidence or synchronicity? How to recognize the Sacred Contracts that they hold, and translate the messages they bring you
  • The electricity of grace—where your currents of prana (life force) intersect Divine intention, and affect every choice you make
As we move from visible acts, such as caring for a friend, to invisible acts, such as prayer and healing, we act divinely, without desire for credit or reward. Using her own stories and those drawn from her thousands of readers and listeners worldwide, Caroline Myss chronicles the many ways you can create small yet profound miracles, gain a greater sense of spirituality, and transform your life and others' lives in an instant.