Thursday, March 24, 2016

Can Your Sales Results Be Better In 2016?

When putting together your plan, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What is my WHY?
  • Do I have a personal vision statement?
  • Do I have a business vision statement?
  • Do I have a systematic sales process in place?
  • In my sales conversations, whose needs am I putting first? Mine or my clients’?
  • Am I able to overcome my fears of asking for the money?
  • Am I really connecting with my prospects through storytelling and sharing and caring?
  • Have I mastered building the value of my product or service?
  • Am I able to effortlessly handle objections and provide solutions?
  • Do I have an easy-to-implement follow-up plan?
  • Do I know my numbers and am I tracking them?
Taking just a little bit of time to ask yourself these few questions and answer them honestly can make all the difference for your business and your sales results in 2016. Set aside just one hour. Sit somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, and, with pen in hand, actually write out your answers.
If you are not able to answer a question in the positive, consider what you need to do, learn, or acquire in order to do so. None of these questions are hard and some are quite personal but in order to change your results, you must change your thinking and by changing your thinking, you must, therefore, change your actions. It is in changing our actions, after all, that we change our results.