Sunday, March 20, 2016

Craftsmanship of One-To-Many Selling

The Sales Formula I Reveal in “One-To-Many Selling” is a course from an exclusive training
I performed in Cleveland early this year where I devoted every single minute to this kind of sales craftsmanship.
But when you take action today, you’ll get 4 DVDs, 4 audio CDs, a transcript, and ALL the presentation materials from this sold-out event.
The ability to craft powerful One-To-Many presentations marries a number of key skills brought to specialized applications: copywriting and script-writing, irresistible offer development, speaking, audio and video production, and, bigger and broader “opportunity finding.”
I routinely see this make 6-figure differences to small businesses, and 7-figure contributions to larger businesses.
Nothing can help you sell more, sell more efficiently and sell faster than the right application of a well-crafted One-To-Many presentation.