Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Boss Up Your Boss

the person who matters most at work...

…your boss!

That's because, as they say, people join a company and leave a boss.

They can cause you such joy and such grief.
You can't escape them.

Too right!

  • Only yesterday Jane was in tears after losing what she described as a power play with her boss. She knows she can’t win. She just doesn’t agree with her. Jane’s now exhausted from the emotional labor – working so hard to remain positive, polite and professional at all times.
  • Betty's boss came around with “that hunting look in his eyes”. She lost all sense of her own agency. Happens every time. It’s like he’s quietly chipping away at her confidence.
  • John’s boss is nice but keeps hoping problems will go away if he ignores them long enough. It’s another power play and John needs his boss to intervene with another bigger boss who is undermining John’s performance. No wonder John's boss has his head in the sand.