Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dr. John Wadude Laird - the Soul Path Summit

Dr. John Wadude Laird
Dr. John Wadude Laird, a Medical Doctor who has been in the forefront of the holistic medicine movement for forty years. With his personal spiritual practice in classical Sufism for over thirty years, Dr. Laird has played a leading role in shaping academic and clinical instruction on the application of the classical Sufi perspectives in Spiritual healing, which is based on deep and subtle understandings of the human heart.

He has provided personal healing sessions to thousands of people with a wide variety of physical, emotional and spiritual concerns. He has taught these approaches to several thousand people in the past twenty years, and is widely recognized as a sincere, engaging, fun and uniquely effective teacher.

In this unique interview you will learn:

  • What Sufism is
  • The heart can experience many dings and bruises by 5 years old, but we can shift that
  • The process of Beautification - Rinse and Repeat
  • If you want healing, love, guidance, happiness or success Ask for Help - from the Most High - the power is stronger than you
  • Dr. Laird's Divine Breeze experience