Wednesday, October 5, 2016

7-figure businesses

It's for six people only ...and three seats are already taken.

I've held two meetings like this this year, and here's what happened at the first one:
I had a small group of clients over to my home for two days of masterminding, brainstorming, and good old fashioned scheming.
We worked for two days and it was awesome!
There were six of us working together - all from different businesses.
One guy had an ad agency.
Another guy has a $39MM home services business and also a $3MM coaching business.
Another was a consultant to dentists.
Another was a doctor with a thriving Medical spa.
Another was a financial planner.
Anyway - you get the idea. A small group of high performers all working together for the sole purpose of ELEVATING OUR GAME.
And man did we ever have some breakthroughs.
For one, we discovered that he can potentially double his revenue - while cutting his work load in half ...just by a change in the way he's targeting customers.
Oh - and take the doctor for example - we found a HUGE opportunity for him when we discovered he's got something very valuable ...with massive demand ...that nobody's ever seen before!
(We even created the marketing framework and the business model to sell it ...on top of the breakthroughs we had in terms of increasing current customer value in his medical practice.)
We did some digging in the coaching guy's business and discovered that (no kidding) he makes over $300,000.00 on average for every single webinar he does.