Tuesday, October 25, 2016

World's Greatest Speaker Training

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World's Greatest Speaker Training is an online training program and an optional live event
that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to speak and sell more persuasively anytime you need to present on camera, in the boardroom, or to groups.

Register today and you get:

  • Lifetime access to the online sessions PLUS two tuition-waivers to the live event. Take the course at your own pace, and attend the live event this year or next year!
  • New video on what made a video generate $4mm in sales in 7 days. (What would you have to say in sales presentations to crush at that level? I teach you!)
  • Bonus course on how to structure your presentations and curriculum so that people learn better (and buy more from you). 
  • Case study on how I built my brand from zero to $10MM+ year over year. You get my exact philosophies for building a modern speaking empire.
  • 8-part campaign sequence for getting booked to speak at conferences (at the $25k-$75k level). A MUST for people who want to get on the speaking circuit.
  • Full outlines of what to say in your promotional videos, as well as what to say in each video of an online launch. This EXACT outline has already generated over 8-figures in sales this year). Use this for any promotion you are doing online - a must-have sequence in today's noise.