Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Choose the Subject of Your Book

This comprehensive, 4-session course offers you an unprecedented level of valuable
information on writing and publishing your book. I share with you my 4-stage writing and publishing process: choosing a topic and title, writing, editing and polishing, and finally, marketing and publishing.
More specifically, during the course, we cover, together:
  • How to ensure you choose a target market with profit potential – which makes your book more desirable to publishers
  • How to ensure your book stands out from others on similar topics so publishers want to publish it – and readers want to buy it
  • What to do before you even start writing: this will streamline the writing process so you get through it faster than you thought possible
  • A process for getting your book written – without actually writing it
  • How to create a schedule for editing your book so you get it done as quickly as possible
  • The several stages of editing, and the role each one plays in turning your rough work into a detailed work of art
  • How to use the secret large companies use every day to stand out from the crowd and be remembered
  • The 4 keys to marketing strategy, and the 7 ingredients in my marketing mix
  • And much more