Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Beauty, Skin & Gut Summit

The summit will be hosted by Laurentine, and I will be interviewing some of the world’s
leading health and beauty experts including Marc David, JJ Virgin, Jon Gabriel, Donna Gates, and many others!

You'll discover insights on how to:

  • Naturally heal your gut,
  • Easily manage digestion, stress & weight,
  • Heal candida & yeast infections,
  • Techniques to naturally boost your mood,
  • Avoid toxins in the beauty industry,
  • Use everyday beauty rituals to detoxify your skin,
  • Feel like a goddess by choosing healthier foods,
  • Transform your health & beauty with essential oils,
  • And build abundant self love & confidencefrom the inside out!
We are so excited!! It's the perfect blend of cutting edge advice from world-leaders and powerfully practical solutions for you to start transforming your life from the inside out!