Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Recovery 2.0 Coaching Program

Here’s a dream of mine:  I want to help you complete your unfinished business to the extent
that is can be before this year ends.
Our interactive sessions will take place every Monday and Thursday and start at5pm PST. These calls generally last from 60-90 minutes. Our first session isMonday, October 17th and our final session will be December 15th.

We are including 3 presenters in this year’s coaching program in order to go deeper into the work they offer -
Nikki Myers will present on Codependency and Family Dynamics.
Ramdesh Kaur will present on Body Image and Eating Disorders.
Meadow Devor will present on Financial Sobriety and Creating True Abundance.

We will often have a reading assignment from my book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, and during our interactive sessions, we will go over the relevant themes and topics together. Please note, I will post a free PDF copy of the book for you in our secret Facebook Group and in our portal.

I will frequently assign a 1-hour video to watch from the Recovery 2.0 Conference series. These are interviews that I have conducted over the past several years with wisdom keepers who carry knowledge relevant to the healing of addiction. You will find these videos to be inspirational and fun while providing a deeper level of understanding of addiction and how to thrive in life.

Please make sure that you have a fresh, new journal to write in throughout this coaching program. Your computer will not do. Buy a journal and nice pen. You are going to want to record much of what you experience during this course AND some of your challenges will have to do with writing in a journal.

Each week I will issue a Love Mission to the group. Think of these as extra credit assignments that you actually want to do. As you complete these challenges you will find yourself becoming stronger and stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. Two examples of a Love Mission might be: Attend 2 yoga classes at your level this week or Take a 2-hour hike in nature.

Our morning spiritual practice is called Sadhana (pronounced Saad-Na). Early in the program I will go over our sadhana practice for the first part of the course. Your practice will change and grow as you change and grow through the course.

These practices are yoga-based movements and meditations that we will do every morning upon waking up right after we go to the bathroom and take a shower. Before our day (and our thinking) get hold of us, we will take the time to do our practice, attune ourselves, and thereby set ourselves up for the best day possible. As a seeker of truth, nothing is more important to your spiritual development than the consistent practice of sadhana.