Saturday, October 22, 2016

the Spiritual Method to Align Your Dreams

  • Participate in a powerful guided meditation and affirmative prayer that will allow you to finally accept and love yourself fully — Dr. Michael Beckwith will guide you through one of his most powerful and moving meditations that will uncover parts of yourself buried so deep, you never even knew they existed.
  • Experience the clarity and confidence that comes when you fine-tune your soul’s compass to guide you towards the highest vision for your life — finally, you can stop second guessing yourself and being drowned in ‘thought’… instead anchoring yourself in ‘knowing’ through intuition.
  • Discover Michael Beckwith’s model of a ‘friendly universe’ where every curve ball life throws your way is an opportunity for expanding your consciousness towards a greater realization of your true Self — you’ll be able to understand, bless and transform any event in your life to catapult yourself toward greater heights of development.