Friday, December 9, 2016

Digging Deep into the Quantum Science and Physics Behind Manifestation

The image shows that the “ filter” sorting through everything – from inspirations to intentions
– is in the unconscious mind.
That filter is our belief system.
Whether anyone allows something into their life – whether wealth or romance or anything else – depends on what is in their unconscious mind.
If they have beliefs about, for example, money being bad or evil, than that belief will prevent money from coming in or staying.
Being considered “bad,” the person will get rid of money fast – but rarely know why.
They will blame their lack on others and virtually never look in the mirror.
It will rarely - if ever - occur to them that their beliefs are creating their results.
To help resolve this issue, I created a method to break free. I call it the Fourth Dimension Process, which is a nod toward where we have to go to create a new reality: outside of our current reality.
Outside to where?
To what some call the “Fourth Dimension.”