Friday, December 9, 2016

Discover Your Cognitive Family and Natural Place within the Consciousness Field

Have you heard the myth about what it means to be left or right-brained?

It is one of the most popular concepts used to characterize how activity in one hemisphere of the brain correlates to a certain type of thinker.
For example, left-brained people are supposedly more logical and analytical, while right-brained people are creative and intuitive.
This has been so widely accepted that we often hear something along the lines of: "She's very artistic. Definitely more right-brained compared to him; he's much more logical and left-brained."
Somehow this "fact" made its way into popular science, and has been the subject of much scrutiny for many years with no evidence to date to back up the claim. Even after decades of research with hundreds of brain scans proving this theory wrong the myth is still around, and spreading.
Most troubling is that it is used to homogenize us, our friends, and our family members into two groups of people: Creative and abstract beings, and analytical and logical beings.
Have you categorized yourself as one of these? Or, maybe struggled to figure out which one you are?
There is truth to being either left or right-brained, but it has nothing to do with the way you think.
Variable tells us is that if you are left-brained, then your brain and body system is highly active and needs a lot of nourishment to maintain heightened sensory acuity.
If you are right-brained, then your brain and body system is more passive and efficient in energy usage, so you don't need nourishment unless you are hungry.
Whatever the nuance in your dietary regimen, its importance is rooted in the type of brain system you have and how it is designed to function energetically.
That isn't the end of the story, though.