Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Unconscious Way In Which We Choose Our Careers

Those reasons (success, stability and money) don’t fully capture the pattern I saw after
interviewing people for the various companies I run. Somewhere around the 1000th interview, I noticed that every person had 4 distinct motivations in seeking a job. (Check out this video to hear what they are.)
And that’s why I created The Career Quadrant, which diagrams these 4 motivations. I developed it to help me during my hiring decisions, but it can also help you.

The Career Quadrant can help you in two ways:

  1. If you’re an entrepreneur or hiring for a company, it’ll help you find the right people to bring in.
  2. If you’re an employee, it’ll help you find the right company to join.
Watch this video to discover:
  • (00:44) — Why success, stability and money don’t fully capture the true reasons for seeking a career path.
  • (01:09) — The four distinct motivations that I ask applicants during job interviews so I can understand what they are truly looking for  in a job, and what matters most to them.
  • (01:55) — The Career Quadrant Exercise: a simple and effective mental map to uncover the 4 distinct motivations that I use to evaluate whether or not a job candidate is a good fit.
  • (03:43) — Why we are not bound to one specific quadrant — and how most of us have our own mental map of what matters to us.
  • (05:22) — How to differentiate between the factors society tells us we must care about, and what truly motivates us at the most basic level.