Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Moon Goddess&Sensual Magic

Sensual Magic is a unique and beautiful way to spark passion and rekindle intimacy through
your own understanding of your female rhythms and your female body. It will support you to harness the power of your sexuality and improve your relationship with your body and your partner. Especially if you’ve been trying to conceive and sex feels forced or you're living more like roommates, I’ll show you how to bring back the joy to love-making--naturally.
And in addition to coming with the entire Moon Goddess Program, Sensual Magic also includes FOUR Free Bonuses:
Bonus 1: Set Your Intention
How do you want your relationship to change? What's missing that you want to recapture? To help you get clear, you’ll receive our magical intention setting guide.
Bonus 2: Relationship Coaching with Shaanen Cross
Shaanen Cross, Relationship Coach from Calgary, Alberta, shares her expert guidance on applying the Sensual Magic principles to both marriage and dating. And if you don’t yet have the relationship you desire, you’ll hear how to use these principles to attract the best relationship of your life.
Bonus 3: Moon Goddess Yoga Flow
At the end of each Sensual Magic class, I will guide you through a short 15 minute yoga & meditation practice. To help you easily follow along at home, you’ll receive a beautifully illustrated e-Book plus a 40-day meditation for flowing feminine energy.
Bonus 4: Four Guided Meditations For a Gorgeous Goddess Glow
I personally recorded these four audio meditations to help you connect with your feminine energy at each phase of your menstrual cycle. As you listen to the meditation that matches where you are in your cycle, your glow will be gorgeous and undeniable.