Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Achieve Effortless Success and begin Living the Law of Attraction

The course is so thorough that it's like getting a university-level Masters Degree in the Law
of Attraction—but customizable to your own unique life... and for less cost... and in less time...

Your course consists of three sections: 1Activating the Law of Attraction,2) Integrating the Law of Attraction, and 3) Applying the Law of Attraction.Simply begin with the first CD and follow along. The course manual will provide constant support and direction, and the three exclusive Paraliminal sessions will make sure you get it on a deep, subconscious level.

If you haven't experienced a Paraliminal, you're in for a treat. As you listen to the three Paraliminal sessions - Asking, Believing, and Receiving - you will hear Paul Scheele speaking through your headphones in one ear to one part of your brain while Jack Canfield is speaking in your other ear to a different part of your brain. Your conscious mind finds it difficult to process two voices speaking simultaneously, so it shuts down, putting you into a deeply relaxed, clear-headed state. Your inner mind will be able to absorb the message at a deep level. Very unusual, very pleasurable, and very effective - partly because Holosync signals from Centerpointe Research Institute have been encoded into the sessions to get both sides of your brain working in sync.

You'll find many delightful surprises in the course including lively and insightful discussions with two amazing teachers from The Secret: Lisa Nichols and Michael Beckwith. It's a phenomenal journey into the Law of Attraction that will help you live a life of effortless success.

I'd like to sum up Jack's course in the words of a dear friend of mine. With Effortless Success you'll...

"Feel vibrantly unstoppable, with revitalized energy and  
optimum health so you play all day, dance the night away, and still  
make mad, passionate love till the wee hours of the morning!"