Sunday, March 6, 2016

Discover 7 Shifts In Your Model Of Eating To Lose Weight

In this Masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • The easiest way to discover your food intolerances FAST this changes EVERYTHING from your weight gain patterns… to stomach irregularities… to a large number of your health issues. (JJ trains hundreds of real American medical doctors on this same stuff.)
  • The truth about Body Fat and why it’s simply your body’s way of protecting your digestive system from potential danger. (This is the section where you go, “Holy Schmoly Guacamole! This is the most awesome of news ever.”)
  • Seven specific “healthy” foods you eat every day that could be holding your health hostage. (This will be a real shocker for you, #3 may be your most favorite food in the world. Ouch!)
  • Small hinges swing big doors — seven small, simple and UNNOTICEABLE food swaps that produce the biggest results in the shortest time possible. (It’s the next best thing to rubbing a magical lamp for the same results.)
  • JJ’s #1 needle mover when it comes to serious fat burning. (Never mess with a woman who’s done her homework. When you finally try this, you’ll keep wondering why you didn’t do it earlier.)
  • Make a quick yummy morning shake with JJ on the class. This puts your body on a healthy wagon at the start of the day so you enjoy more energy and less brain fog throughout the day. (Expect to lose about two inches off your waistline when you try this.)
  • secret hack to keeping those pounds away FOREVER (as you go through this class with JJ, you’ll silently envy her lean, strong body and wonder how this woman maintained it well past her 50s. This is the answer. You’re welcome.)
  • And so much more.