Monday, March 7, 2016

Intuitive tip for the week - Say NO to drama

You know how in some places in the world, regardless of their distance, regardless of whether you have visited for the first time or many times, how some people or circumstances feel like home?

Home is where you feel good in your skin. This week pay attention to the latter. Under what circumstances, at which places in the company of who do you feel at home. This is important for your future growth.

Observe this pattern, circumstances, and places, relationships in which you feel at home. This is not the same as being in a comfort zone, this is equals your divinely guided direction.

This week is not the time for new activities that can swell your already full life. This week is the time to observe and be where you feel good in your skin. 

If you still feel you want to get out of that environment in to a more exciting environment this weeks intuitive advice says:It will be better for you if you know how to say NO to drama this week.